NSCT Drift Eliminator

Our drift eliminators are available in both PVC and treated timber. They are designed to keep the drift losses below 0.005% in the case of PVC and 0.05% in treated timber. The isokinetic drift loss is measured as per the CTI test code: ATC-140. The flame spread rate is tested according to ASTM E-84.

C Type Drift Eliminator

C Type L Drift Eliminator

N-35 Cellular Type Drift Eliminator

Tri Pass C Type Drift Eliminator

ACB Drift Eliminator

NSCT Fills Media

A variety of fills including PVC-V bars, timber splash bars, and cross-corrugated film fill packs are available which are chosen based on the application. Splash bars are used for contaminated water applications, while film fill packs are used to attain higher efficiencies in the cooling tower.

Timber Splash Bar

PVC Film Fill

Grid Fill

V Bar


All NSCT non-clog nozzles are made from inert polypropylene, capable of withstanding severe water conditions. They are available in various designs and sizes to meet the water distribution needs. As the name suggests, their large orifice keeps them free from clogging and diffuser rings ensure uniform water distribution.

Spiral target nozzles are gravity fed and are used for crossflow cooling towers.

Both non-clog nozzles with diffuser ring and three-stage nozzles are used for counterflow cooling towers.

Non Flow Nozzle


H Nozzle

Spiral Targe Nozzle

Branch Arm

Safety Device

To prevent the running of the gearbox at below recommended oil levels and to prevent the operation of the tower at excessive vibrations, we provide ‘low oil level limit switch’ and ‘vibration trip switch’ to help you.

The ‘low oil level limit switch’ is enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure providing the reliability for carefree operation.

Vibration Limit Switch

Low Oil Level Limit Switch

Metallic Drive Shafts

Our driveshafts are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel 304, 316 and carbon fiber, designed to transmit high torque ratings for cooling tower applications. They are tubular, single-span and flexible to compensate for any misalignment. All drive shafts and their components are completely interchangeable and designed as per ANSI/AGMA 9000 – D11.

2B Metallic Drive Shaft

SS-304 Drive Shaft

Metallic Drive Shaft

Carbon Fiber Drive Shafts

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