Dorutay Engineering;

It is the point where 25 years of Industrial Design, application and control experience, especially in national and international glass, iron and steel, cement, power plants, refineries, petrochemicals, paper, meets for Turkish Industry.

In collaboration with NSCTPL, it conducts face-to-face and results-oriented engineering studies. It offers its customers reliable, fast, most economical, permanent and sustainable solutions.

Our principles;

  • To offer our customers the highest engineering and service quality uncompromising wherever needed.
  • Creating maximum benefit and value for our customers.
  • To provide a reliable, peaceful and safe working environment with our employees and customers.
  • Being a pioneer in sustainable environmental awareness, which is our responsibility to the environment and humanity.

  • Mission

    In cooperation with NSCTPL, the leader of its country in its field with its high standard products worldwide, to provide high quality Engineering and Advanced Technology for its Customers, which are felt intensely in our country,

    To provide maximum benefit and information to our customers by following the innovations in the sector and constantly improving ourselves,

    To implement not the cheapest but “most economical, permanent and reliable” applications by providing the latest technological developments to our customers,

    Providing the highest efficiency with new technological applications in existing structures,

    To gain high customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty with being sensitive to nature and environment, respectful to society and its individuals.

    Our vision

    Being the trustable and respected company in its country also globally which is prefferd, lead of the development and change, sensitive to the nature and environment, respectful to the individual and society.

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